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Half the fear of seeing a dentist is the clinical environment. That's why at Facial32 Dental Esthetics, we've focused on providing superior care in a friendly setting. Our clinical space is nothing like your stereotypical dental practice. We have warm lighting and interiors designed to soothe and relax you.

We also want you to feel the least stress possible when getting treatment. We know childhood dental visits may have had a negative impact, so we encourage our patients to embrace a positive mindset. Our goal is to eliminate any anxiety you have about preventative dental treatments. You be treated by a team with compassion who understands that dental visits can be stressful.

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Dental Cleaning

Our preventative dental services are delivered using the best dental technology. Our patients enjoy reduced treatment times and a concierge service.

Using the latest tools and systems, we have shorter diagnostic times. You will be left with a sparkling smile after we've performed prophylaxis, or dental cleaning and examination, which also includes tartar, plaque, and stain removal.

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X-ray & 3D Cone Beam CT Technology

Our X-ray and 3D Cone Beam technology means we can see the hard and soft tissue in your mouth. Dr. Diana and her team can give you ultra-specific information. Hence, your crown or implant is in precisely the right place to the nearest tiny percentage of a millimeter. We can also present you with a detailed picture of what your treatment plan will involve. You never need to have anxiety around your dental plan.

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Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction can often be the only option when you have broken or decaying teeth. We know the thought of having a tooth removed can be nerve-wracking, so we have streamlined the process to be straightforward, painless, and fast. We work to make your tooth extraction gentle, anxiety-free and affordable.

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Dental Implants

At Facial32 Dental Esthetics, we use the latest technology in 3D surgical pre-planning to replace missing teeth with dental implants using precision and care. In advanced cases, we partner with highly-skilled oral surgeons and periodontists who will place the titanium implant. Once completely healed, we will place the beautifully matched crown restoration. Implants are the most lifelike tooth replacements you can get to achieve a natural smile.

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