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Keep Your Smile Healthy

The key to keeping a beautiful smile is to take care of it. It's important to brush and floss daily, but it's also important to have your teeth cleaned regularly. We know visiting the dentist may seem intimidating, which is why we welcome you to a relaxing, comfortable environment for your dental cleanings. You'll get a thorough examination and cleaning that are fast and efficient. 

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Gentle, Thorough Teeth Cleanings

At Facial32 Dental Esthetics, you'll get a thorough teeth cleaning in a calm, relaxing environment designed to remove all anxiety from your visit. We will make sure each tooth is spotless, but we clean your teeth in an efficient manner so you don't spend all day with your cleaning. Fast, comfortable, thorough dental cleaning — that's what you can expect. 

What is the Teeth Cleaning Process?

Dental cleanings involve much more than polishing the plaque off your teeth. We start with detailed x-rays and 3D Cone Beam imaging to ensure you don't have any hidden dental problems, from tooth decay to gum disease.

Once we have a clear picture of your teeth and gums, we set to work giving you a thorough cleaning. We take the time to polish the entire surface of each tooth. We also remove any tartar buildup and eliminate any stains. We also check to see if there are any health concerns, from thinning enamel to hidden cracks to oral cancer. 

You'll leave Facial32 Dental Esthetics with a clean, bright, healthy smile you can show off proudly. A thorough cleaning and examination is recommended every six months to keep your oral health great!

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Why You Should Prioritize Cleanings

Brushing and flossing daily are essential to a great smile, but so are your semi-annual cleanings. Professional dental cleanings get rid of things your toothbrush and floss might miss, such as tartar buildup and stains. Our cleanings also include a detailed examination that can find dental issues you may not know exist, such as cracks, chips, gum disease or cancer. Professional cleanings are vital for your oral health.

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