Get Amazing Skin at Home With These Products From Facial32

Facial32 Dental Esthetics offers custom facials, microneedling, and other skin care treatments to rejuvenate your face and give you a healthy, youthful appearance. But what happens in between visits? At-home skincare with the right product can keep that rejuvenated look going!

Facial32 Dental Esthetics offers a range of products that keep your skin moist and youthful and prevent further damage from the sun, wind, or aging. 

Why a Good Skin Care Routine Is Important

Why is it so important to have a daily skin care routine at home? Your skin faces damage daily from dirt, sun, wind, and simple genetics. Skin must be cleaned, moisturized, and protected from the sun to stay healthy. 

Skin damage results from a lack of proper skin care. This can include brown patches and spots, premature wrinkles, dryness, flaking, and acne scars. A proper, daily skin care routine can keep skin damage at bay. 

Skin care isn’t limited to women, either. Men’s skincare routine is just as important as a woman’s skincare treatment. Shaving adds to the potential skincare damage for men, So moisturizing after shaving is especially important. 

The more you maintain and protect your skin with a daily skin routine, the better your skin will look for years to come. 

Know Your Skin Type

What is your skin type? What are the different types of skin? Do you know how to know your skin type? 

Knowing your skin type is important because different skin types need different skin routines. Dry skin will need more moisturizing, while oily skin may need deeper cleansing. Very light skin and darker skin will need better sunscreen to avoid sun damage that may be hard to treat. 

There are four main skin types: dry, oily, combination, or normal. How do you know which skin type you have? You can perform what’s called a sebum test at home. A sebum test measures the amount of oily residue — or sebum — that comes from your skin.

Skin Type Skin Test

The first step is to clean your face thoroughly and pat it dry. Then, wait half an hour before performing the test. 

Use oil-blotting papers and touch them to different parts of your face, such as your chin, cheeks, forehead, and on and around your nose. 

Hold the papers to the light. If the papers are transparent, they have picked up a lot of oil from your face, so you have an oily skin type. If they are opaque with flakes of skin, you have dry skin. 

If you get different results from different areas, then you have combination skin. Finally, if the papers aren’t oily and have no flakes, then you have normal skin.

What’s the Best Skin Care Routine Order?

The best skin care routine steps depend on whether you care for your skin in the morning, at night, or both. Those with dry skin who don’t wear makeup should probably limit their routine to once a day. Those with oily or combination skin or who wear makeup should do their skincare routine steps in the morning and right before bed. 

The first step is to cleanse your face well. You want a cleanser that doesn’t make your face feel tight or completely free of its natural oils. It should feel clean but also soft. 

If you have dry skin, a moisturizing cleanser would work best. Those with oily skin can use a deep cleanser, but be sure it doesn’t dry out your skin too much. 

The next step depends on the time of day. If you use a vitamin serum, it’s best to use that early in the morning before applying sunscreen. If you’re cleaning at night, retinol or retinoids would be best applied then because you won’t be applying sunscreen, and it won’t interfere.

Next, apply a moisturizer, no matter what your skin type. Oily or combination skin should use a gel-based, light moisturizer that won’t leave a greasy feeling on the skin. Dry or normal skin can use a cream-based moisturizer. 

Finally, if you are going out that day, apply sunscreen in the morning at least 15 minutes before you leave. The sunscreen should be a minimum of 30 SPF. If your skin is very light or very dark, you need a higher SPF, such as SPF 50. Damage on darker skin may be harder to correct, so darker skin needs extra sun protection.

Our Favorite Skin Care Products

Facial32 Dental Esthetics knows skin products and how they can help. We offer our favorite skincare products in our Hanover, PA, location! What products are best for you? Here is what we love for skin care and why. 

ZO Products

We love the ZO product line because this luxury brand uses a variety of ingredients to best suit people’s different skin needs. 

One of our favorite skin care products is the ZO Exfoliating Polish. This product gently removes dead skin cells to reveal softer, smoother skin. It smells and feels amazing! 

During the winter, we recommend ZO Hydrating Cleanser, which has hydrating ingredients that help protect the skin from the harsh cold and wind that can dry your skin and cause flaking and damage. ZO’s Hydrating Cream can be used after the Exfoliating Polish to help combat dryness. 

During the summer, you can use ZO’s Hydrating Cleanser, the polish, and ZO Gel Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 50 to protect your skin from damage caused by pores opened by heat and UV rays from the sun. 

Circadia Products

Circadia are more affordable products that work extremely well. Circadia helps people find products to help with their specific skin needs, and they work with estheticians to customize facials to give their clients the best results possible. 

One of our favorite Circadia products is Aquaporin Hydrating Cream, which moisturizes your skin and leaves a hydrated, youthful look. We also love Circadia’s Vitamin C Reversal Serum. The vitamin C in Circadia’s products contains hyaluronic acid to help plump and hydrate any fine lines and wrinkles. It will also help brighten skin and fade hyperpigmentation marks. 

Finally, those who suffer from rosacea should try Circadia’s Rose Ease Relief Cream, which we offer in our Hanover, PA, location. This cream calms the redness and irritation from rosacea flare-ups. 

Skin Care in Hanover, PA

Facial32 Dental Esthetics provides many services to refresh and renew your skin, but it’s important to maintain that refreshed skin at home. We offer several products that can help you keep your skin healthy between your visits to us. 

Schedule an appointment with Facial32 Dental Esthetics in Hanover, PA, to learn more about the products that can best treat your skin. 

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